Hi again, I’m back with another weird random thought to share.

So I read this quote somewhere or in Facebook or basta! hahahaha.

“Talent will get you to the top. But character will keep you there.”

Quoted accordingly by John Wooden

It got me thinking, or a realization that, I actually don’t have any talent at all. I can’t dance, I can’t sing, I have no social skills, I have no technical skills, no special skills, not athletic, not anything. So does that mean I will never get to the top?


Talent: the natural endowments of a person

Merriam-Webster Definition

Talent is the innate ability of a person, a natural ability, or the ability they were blessed with at birth. I never had any of that. I’m like a needle in a haystack. Lol, bad example.

My point is, me, myself, and I, will and can reach the top without any talent. I am declaring it here, I will someday reach the top (August 21, 2020), without any talent. I will do it with hard-work, late night works, double jobs, patience, and with everything I have.

I am also saying this for everyone who are underrated for not having visible talents, or for anyone who have yet to find their own. You can be whatever you want, you can reach your goal, you can achieve your dreams, you can be at the top. Just stay strong, don’t give up, give it your all.

People with talent are really lucky, and if added with hard-work, they definitely will become successful. But that doesn’t mean that your talent alone can get you to the top. I mean some don’t.

Rely on your talent but not entirely. Enhance it, build with it, build around it, gather good people around you. This then contradicts the statement that your talent brought you to the top, because it’s your hard-work.

Here’s a little quote from me:

Hard-work and good character will get you to the top and will keep you there. Everything else is privilege.


Believe! Achieve!

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Ryner Galaus

Ryner SG

An ordinary person with a tiny brain hoping to be useful in his own way. A homebody hoping to one day create and build his dreams while in service to people. An underachiever who was once called nobody slowly growing up. A web developer learning and earning his way through life. Ryner is what my family and friends call me, and I hope you do too. By the way, I am also affiliated with Frontrow International, so for inquiries or orders, message me.


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