Senior Web Developer
Living in Baguio City, Philippines

My Education

Bachelor’s degree in Information Technology major in Software Development.
Graduate of batch 2017 at University of Baguio, Philippines. No other schools attended after.

This might look like a weirdly written resume, but yeah. 

What Skills do I have...

I don’t really have that much, I am still learning everyday.

Some endorsed skills from peers

I really don’t have anything else to say about me other than these resume stuff 🙁

Work experience and trainings as well???

Yeah, my experience...


HOME BASED. From April 2020 to February 2021. I only worked for 12 months but I learned so much from them! I also have a featured blog about their great workplace. Flexible Work 2020. Why did I leave? The pandemic really did its worst.

WEB DEVELOPER at WeCans Academy

WeCans Academy
OFFICE BASED. From November 2019 to February 2020. I wasn’t happy and I really wasn’t feeling the work environment. Compared to my other work experience. Note, some people leave because of these reasons. Your mental health is important.

WEB DEVELOPER at Linkage Baguio Philippines

Linkage Baguio Philippines
OFFICE BASED. From March 2018 to June 2019. More than a year but unfortunately I had to leave for some personal problems.

WEB DEVELOPER at FixMyWeb Website Solutions and Development

FixMyWeb Website Solutions and Development
HOME BASED. From 2017 to 2018. My first actual corporate job in regards to web development. 

This should have been in carousel and in chronological order, but yeah, accordion works well too. These are the ones that I can only share. Mostly in between those dates, I still had to feed myself so I have been working as a Freelance Web Developer since 2017. That’s after I graduated.
Great times.

Quick break… just look at that beautiful photo I took at SM Baguio City!!!

Who should I reference...

Please be nice to them.

Ellen M. Halover, MCS, PHD

University of Baguio | Former School DEAN of IT
+63 917 6788 116 | 442-4915 loc 319

Angelica Rosimo Marcelino

Delesign | Manager and Senior Web Developer
+63 915 2143 312

Aubrey G. Cabanlig

Application Developer
+63 933 4934 384

Brandon Duane Boado

Desygner | QA and Manual Software Tester
+63 977 3229 204

I haven’t asked permission to post some of my work, but here are some that I can share. Some logos have links that you can check on.

Sample Logo Designs

We really have to appreciate the night scenery of Baguio Burnham Park. By the way, all photos here are mine. Thank you!