~ Part 6 ~

You see his back, see him walking away. Your heart feels like it’s being crushed to pieces. You can’t seem to keep a hold of your heart. Your brain feels freedom but your heart feels pain.

What are you suppose to do now? What is happening right now? Your finally free! But why does freedom feels like getting out of one cage and entering another? You feel like smiling but your tears keep on falling. You don’t understand.

“You don’t understand anything.”
“You don’t understand me.”
“Your so insensitive!”
“You don’t even know how to comfort me.”
“You don’t know what’s going on in my head.”
“You think these is about you?”
“I can’t even control myself.”

His words keeps on repeating inside your head. The pain in your heart is still there and getting worse. What did I do to deserve this? When will this stop?



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