~ Part 4 ~

Years have passed and yet your still with him. Your love for him slowly withering away. You watch him cave in himself. Watch him destroy what you both have. Still, you stay by his side.

There’s nothing you can do. What matters to him more and more is his pain. You can see that he can’t get past that haze. Try as you might, with all your strength and your love. For him nothing else matters anymore. Not even you. Not even your love.

You grow distant towards him. Afraid that you might get sucked from that black hole within him. Little by little you step away from him. Baby steps you make ’cause you still don’t want to loose him. But you know if you don’t, you will spiral down that hole too.

“Stay strong” you tell yourself. Delude yourself that someday this would change. That someday the man you love will come back to you. But first you have to stay strong, and let him go. The only way the man you love will come back to you, is if he finds himself on his own. It’s a battle you can’t win. Because it’s a battle only inside him.

You wait for his return. Always watching out for the man you love to come back. Wishing hard that you didn’t loose him for good. Praying hard that he sees the truth. He is amazing in his own way. He loves so deeply and so true. He stays by your side through good and bad. Always good to you and others. A real treasure he truly is. You pray and wish hard that he sees. Your love lays dormant waiting for him.



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