~ Part 5 ~

After a while, you get a chance to meet her. The love of your life. The one girl you can’t be without. Before, you’ve never seen the changes. I didn’t even notice the distance she made. Though now that your’e looking, you realize how far she’s been. You realize how you’ve been a fool and pushed her away without even noticing. You try to understand. “Why are you so far from me? Why are you so distant?”

You thought she only wants some distance. Some alone time. So that’s what you gave to her. Months past and she’s still as distant as ever. So the thought came to your mind that maybe she doesn’t want to be with you anymore. Maybe it’s time to let go. Maybe she’s tired of all that’s been going on inside your head. So you let her go. Thinking that it’s for the good. It is what’s best. Time and space is maybe what you both need.

You ask her what she feels about your relationship with her. You ask her what she wants. You ask her if she still loves you, if she still wants to be with you. She tells you what she feels. So you told her your decision. You firmly believe that she wants it too. “No hard feelings” you tell her. 

She just nods, and you turn around and walked away.



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