Yes, we can use our phone as webcam for our pc or laptop. You might not be able to use your phone while using it as a webcam but hey, anything that beats buying an expensive webcam right? lol 

Also, some webcams have like 720p or even 480p that are really expensive. While your phone have HD with 1080p and maybe even higher! I mean, come on. Yes sir! hahaha eish.

They say cheap, I say I just saved Php 1,000+ for a webcam.

Online classes, online works, and everything going online, we have to use everything that we have in order to make it. And some people just cannot afford buying a new camera. So we use our phones. For the parents, this might also be useful for your children who always looks at their phones while having a class or work, I dunno.

To start with our camera thingy, we just need to install an app to our phones, and a client software or a computer application to install in our pc or laptop. This way we can connect our phone to our pc.

The steps are quite easy, but if you do have questions and additional information, feel free to leave comments.

Needed applications

First we need to install the application to our phone. Go to your Play Store and install DroidCam Wireless Webcam. There are multiple other applications that can probably do the job, but this is the one that I did test and it works really well.

Next is we install the Windows Client Application. Simply follow the instructions after installation.

Run the application in your phone. A summary and instructions will be shown, read through it. Then, you will be able to see these info:

  • Wifi IP
  • DriodCam Port

Copy these information or you know, keep your phone open for reference.
Now open the application you just installed in you computer. It will ask you the Device IP and DroidCam Port, enter the values then click on start.

The phone will then be connected and will launch the camera. Great right!
You can change which camera it should use, front or back. To do this, you have to stop the camera first. In your phone you can stop by pressing the menu at the topmost right, then click on stop. In your computer, there’s a stop button just below the video preview.

Once stopped, a camera thingy is shown at the top menu. Click that and a popup will show. There you can choose which camera to use.


After stopping the connection, you will be seeing this in your computer application. Nothing to click right. Simply click the square box thingy and the connection settings will show. hahaha

You can also use wired connection, and your phone’s personal hotspot. Just follow the same instructions and you’re good to go.

Some reviews of the application

Here are some of the reviews of this application, just to give you a quick background

Now you have a working webcam for your next classes or video conference.

Stay safe everyone!

Good luck!

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