The whole world is forced to stay indoors due to the crisis we’re going through. Me and my family are praying for everyone’s safety.

I know that not everyone is lucky enough to have a job and or some way to generate some income and I really hope those less fortunate can get all the help they could get.

With that said, this crisis made me or us ( I don’t know anyone else teehee ), realize that one of the best way to keep an economy… hmmm let’s make that… the best way to keep yourself and your family out of the street is by having a flexible work. Yes! OMG! I know right! And here’s the thing, one week after the Enhanced Community Quarantine, in LinkedIn alone, you can read posts saying that they were laid off by their employers or were removed because the company cannot maintain or operate without their office, and now many people are jobless. That’s why flexibility can help save lives char.

I hope some companies would consider having a flexible work setup, I mean flexibility can save lives hahaha paulit ulit? hahaha! And to people looking for work, some companies do offer flexible setup. Don’t give up! And to start-ups, start planning char hahahaha.

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Here’s a little reference you can read for flexible work:

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Some additional

This article is all about working at home and being safe with your family. But after everything settles down and you might need a workspace or a place to work in your area, you can check on Flydesk. They are partnered with multiple workspaces and they can help you look for one.

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