~ Part 1 ~

You try to fight it off, try to remove the negative thoughts in your head. Things you don’t believe is true, yet can’t help to wrap your mind around it. You know it’s wrong, so you try to do what’s right and fight it off. Yet try as you might it still comes back. It haunts you, taunts you, paralyzes you yet you keep on fighting back. 

“What’s the use” you’d think, nothing changes anyway. At times you feel like giving up, feel like letting go and just let yourself fall. More times you feel like doing it, just let it all fall from your hand and slide through your fingers. “Just give up” you’d think, “Let it all go”.

Yet you remember the person around you. The one who needs you and can’t live without you. You start thinking, “What about her? What would she do?” Then you see a glimmer of light. It draws you in let you see what surrounds you, let you see her tears as you fight your own demons. Let you see her pain as you struggle to control yours. You realize her out stretched hand has always been there in front of you. 

Waiting for you to reach out and hold on to her hand. Grab hold and never let go. You feel the invisible force behind you pulling you back in, forcing you to face them once more. You start to feel the same pain, the same confusion and agony. You decided to face it once more, fight it once again. Yet you don’t realize that you’ve turned your back on her. You’ve turned your back on her and her out stretched hand.



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