~ Part 2 ~

Patience, a word you so often use. A word you always seek, always need. The word that seems like your world revolved around in. “Where would I find more patience” you’d ask yourself.

Your world is like a roller coaster based on his emotions. Like your walking on egg shells and afraid to disturb him in any way. Your afraid you might hurt him without meaning to. Afraid you might say the wrong word and start another fight. Things you want to tell him has to be thought a thousand times before telling him.

Words checked and double checked to make sure you won’t hurt him. Though the more you try to be careful, the more you distance yourself from yourself. The more you change yourself for him. The speed in which you have to constantly change wear you out. Too fast for your own emotions to keep up.

“My emotions don’t matter” you’d think. “His sensitive and he needs my support”. You’d make yourself believe that your emotions will get in the way. That you have to hide what you feel and keep your mind in place. He’s weaker than you emotionally.

He can’t easily cope and is not flexible like you. So you have to do it all for both of you.



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